July 2012

Ringlet Butterfly in Birkheads Meadow garden (July)

Thanks to Alan for this lovely pic of a Ringlet butterfly, one of a pair spotted on Sunday July 15th in the Goose Meadow. Its great to have so many expert ‘spotters’ visiting the gardens. Alan also informed me that we have a good colony of Tree Sparrows and tells me that they are easily […]

Clematis used as groundcover in slate garden

Clematis are used as ground cover  here because the garden was too exposed for climbing plants when it was first started in 1995. We usually have specially pruned Clems available for sale for this purpose.

Rodgersia ( damp) Border

Our damp border is flourishing despite recent storms everything is looking lovely. Several varieties always available in the sales area.  Happy faces despite a rainy start to the day for Truckshunters AGM