July 2016

Remember the more deadheading you do, the more flowers most plants produce.

Most species exist to reproduce themselves so that by removing spent flower heads you are stopping the plant from producing seeds. This is true with most of our garden plants especially roses. Remove the old flowers down as far as the nearest leaf joint and very soon more buds will be produced. Don’t forget to […]

Prune Lilacs.

Established Lilacs ( Syringa) that have finished flowing can be pruned now to promote more flowers next year.  To rejuvenate shrubs that have grown tall and leggy with few flowers they can be reduced by two thirds in height and any branches of more than two inches in diameter cut out. 

This week remember to;

Pinch out side shoots on tomatoes Stake tall herbaceous plants like Delphiniums, Lupins & Peony Roses if you haven’t already done it & remove spent flowers to encourage the plants to produce more flowers. Daffodil foliage can safely be cut back now by at least half.  

“Green treatments for aphids & slugs”

Tried & Tested; a one inch wide band of petroleum jelly around the middle of hosta pots stops villainous slugs in their tracks. Do it early in the season and It lasts all summer and as long as the leaves aren’t in contact with anything that can be used as a bridge it definitely works. […]