August 2016

Feed the Birds

Instead of using chemicals to kill aphids, hose them off your plants by using a water jet and ground foraging birds like the robin can feed on them. We now seem to have a pair of Red Kites patrolling the skies above the garden most days. 

Hoe, Hoe, Hoe!

This hot weather is terrific for killing weeds easily, just slide your hoe just beneath the surface of the soil and slice through the weeds, you can leave them on the surface and they’ll be desiccated  the next day, do it every week and annual weeds run out of steam & die completely. 

This weeks’ new projects

We’re still deadheading and tidying but visitors will see 3 areas being revamped;  In the Cottage Garden part of the roadside border will be replanted after a spot of shrub pruning. The shrub in question turned out to have been suffocated by ivy  and was removed. Another planting opportunity there, after we’ve cleared the ivy. […]

Red Kites & Butterflies

We’ve had red kites over the garden most of today and a big increase in the number of butterflies in the Bee & Butterfly garden, about 2 weeks later than last year!