September 2016


Hundreds of Lapwings marching, all in the same direction, over the field opposite us which has just been ploughed,I don’t remembers seeing this before. Disappointed they didn’t show up on image I took.

Cottage Garden

Colchicums now available for sale. Colchicum agrippinum in the cottage garden 

Cafe Staff

Seasonal Staff Vacancies. We will be looking for coffee shop staff to re open in March, please call in on Wednesday or Fridays until Oct 16th to discuss the position with Vanessa or ring 01207 232262 to make an appt. Experience is helpful. 

Making a Meadow

Our Wildflower Meadow in April ’16 Lawn is a mono- culture with little diversity for wildlife so if you’ve been thinking of making a big or just a little bit of meadow autumn is the best time to begin either by preparing the ground as for a lawn except that you don’t want to add […]

Thank You

Thank you to  Groupon customers who gave 100% positive feedback on the gardens and coffee shop, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to respond to you all individually, we do appreciate your lovely comments.

Congrats to Sarah G

Well done Sarah G for getting a contract with Northumberland Street  store for her exquisite line drawings of birds & animals. Many of our regular visitors will recognise her mini framed drawings which we’ve stocked for a few years but now we have her extended range of Cards, Cushions, Magnets Mugs etc in our little […]