P1010351Our Wildflower Meadow in April ’16

Lawn is a mono- culture with little diversity for wildlife so if you’ve been thinking of making a big or just a little bit of meadow autumn is the best time to begin either by preparing the ground as for a lawn except that you don’t want to add fertilisers. Sow a wildflower /grass seed mix onto prepared soil and by mid spring the grass will be long enough for its first mowing which will allow enough light to reach the flowering plants. Most mixes are mostly annuals so will need to be re sown every couple of years.

My favourite method to change an existing lawn is to plant bulbs & small portions of perennials into the turf. This method  involves planting in the grass, best done in spring or autumn and can  be done all at once or added to as you have time and funds available. Mow the lawn very short at the end of Sept and remove all cuttings, from now on this has to be done after every cut because leaving them enriches the soil, which we are trying to avoid. Mow again at the end of Nov & mid Dec if the lawn is still growing. I’ve been know to cut the meadow on Christmas Eve if its been a mild early winter! (Grass grows at 7deg+)

I start by planting some bulbs at the end of September. Colchicum, Fritallaria, Crocus, Snowdrops, dwarf Narcissus and Camassia are a good selection to start with.   Look out for future Blog updates on making a meadow from your lawn early next year, to follow our lead, meanwhile why not visit us and take a look at our wildflower meadows so that you know what your letting yourself in for, we’re open until October 16th then we close for winter.

Colchicum Waterlily

Colchicum Waterlily in grass this week.