January 2017

Snowdrop Special Event

February 25th sees the reinstatement of our Snowdrop Event. The  trail of snowdrops around the gardens will lift the gloom and tell us that spring is on its way with  Hellebores, Crocus, Aconites and other early spring flowers. All making it well worth the  effort of being outdoors on a cold day especially when the […]

Don’t forget to feed the birds.

Don’t forget to feed the birds. Fruit from winter storage or slightly bruised from the fruit bowl are always appreciated by blackbirds and thrushes at this time of the year. Clear out bird boxes by removing old nests and rinsing if possible.

Ladybirds spotted today

I’ve spotted 6 or 7 ladybirds in the garden today ( 09/01/17)  early by our standards – all of them in the foliage of Alchemical mollis