Covid stressed? In the 1980”s the Japanese gov. carried out extensive research which found that a 2 hour forest bathing session could reduce blood pressure, lower cortisol levels & improve concentration & memory. Their findings went beyond the benefits of fresh air, exercise & wellbeing. They found that chemicals released by trees ( phytonicides) ¬†could have an anti-microbial effect on our bodies, boosting the immune system. The result was that Shrinrin-yoku or forest bathing was introduced as part of their national health programme as an antidote to anxiety, tension & stress in the most densely populated country on earth. The bathing part simply means immersing yourself to use all of your senses to soak up the calm & quite special atmosphere beneath trees. We’re going to hold an hour long introductory forest bathing event here in our woodland area on Friday August 28th before we open the gardens to the public. More details on our GARDEN WORKSHOPS / EVENTS PAGE