About Us

We moved in to Birkheads in 1978  with two small children and a vague idea of being self sufficient. We grew organic vegetables, fruit, kept ducks & bees and marvelled at the wildlife we were attracting. Horticultural courses followed  for me with a second career as a freelance  Garden Designer & Horticultural Trainer.

My hobby was and still is propagating rare & unusual hardy plants, we started to run out of garden and managed to purchase some of the field adjoining the vegetable garden to use as a plant production area. In 1987 we started to to make an environmentally friendly garden on a site that had been surface mined( opencast) for coal.  Now we are hoping to encourage others to do the same, so if you’re not already trying to save the planet for future generations have a go, it can be quite a challenge and every little helps.

Butterfly at BirkheadsSwallows on wire

Most of the gardens have been created using recycled materials, paving, slates, wood etc. Garden features and sculptures are made from mainly recycled metal and driftwood, others have had a past life in some other place. We were one of the first Green Tourism Businesses to achieve a Gold  Award.

Volunteers & Hortic. Students.

Would you like to work in heaven for a few hours a week? Are you passionate about gardening? Here you have the opportunity to help in our unique gardens. We are looking for half-day volunteers to help in the gardens with dead- heading & light weeding. We help students to learn practical skills and who need to register hours for Horticultural Certificates & Diplomas.  

Wildlife & Eco Gardening

Our boundary hedges have been made using native species to provide shelter for hedgehogs, rabbits, stoats, hares, bats and field mice. A wide range of suitable plants supply nectar & pollen most of the year for butterflies, bees and other insects. Ladybirds hibernate in Alchemilla lots visible in early August. 

We are lucky? to have clay soil which is high in nutrients and retains moisture if mulched. To ensure that we don’t have to water the garden we’ve covered all of the borders with permeable fabric and then planted through it. The surface is then covered with a layer of gravel or leaf mould to retain the moisture all year round. We only water plants as they’re planted and then find that the roots go down searching for moisture. Its now 20+ years since we used water for the gardens. The grass sometimes ( maybe a few days a year )yellows a little but living in the North East there is always rain within a few days to regenerate it! We have lots of water barrels around for watering plants in containers and use water saving devices wherever possible. Because our water table is so very close to the surface we’ve been able to dig natural ponds by just digging holes and wildlife follows. Dragonflies, Pond skaters, frogs, toads, newts etc

BIRDS & insects are now controlling all harmful pests on plants, we don’t spray at all, there is no need, the balance is perfect!

Ten  varieties of BUTTERFLIES are usually around from July 28th – the end of Sept.

Forty three different BIRD varieties were spotted last year in the garden, we keep a record on our notice board for twitchers. 

BEES  Honey Bee, Garden Bee, Tree Bee, Buff or White Tail not certain which!


FOR YOUR DIARY- SNOWDROP WEEKENDS – PLANNED DATES BELOW- please check nearer the time, we may have to change dependent on weather conditions.

FEBRUARY 23, 24. 25th 10.30am-3.30pm

MARCH 2nd, 3rd & 4th 10.30am -3.30pm 

COFFEE SHOP 10.30am-3.30pm

On March 7th we revert to normal opening times. Wed- Sun. 10.30.-4.30pm 

Adults: £5.00 Seniors & Students £4.50
Child: aged 4-15 £2.50 includes a Key for the wishing tree and a garden trail sheet.

RHS Members Please check your handbook.

SEASON TICKETS If you’re planning to visit the gardens more than twice this year, the season ticket will save you money.     Adult/Senior single season tickets: £12.50 or  Bring a friend (double) season ticket: £25.00

SEASON TICKET RENEWALS SPECIAL OFFER -bring your key ring from last year and your replacement will be discounted to £12 or £23.

SEASON TICKETS– grant unlimited access to the gardens, nursery & coffee shop during normal business hours. 


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