A busy week at Birkheads…

Our new Pyrus salicifolia arbour, the tree took 20 years to grow to this shape.

Flowering Cherries

The Flowering Cherries are doing their thing and it’s spectacular, also lots of Orange Tip Butterflies around.

Summer is here

Its been a lovely week in the garden, the wildflower meadow is at its best with the snakeshead  Fritillaries still the stars of the show but with a wonderful supporting cast of species tulips, lilac cardamine, cowslips and a pair of Willow Warblers (rare feathered friends) building a home close by. Tonight the Sandalwood Tree […]

Meditation Garden, Early Evening

A Spring view of the Meditation Garden bathed in early evening sunshine.

Prunus Incisa.

The gardens are providing us with a beautiful Spring display at the moment. This Prunus Incisa is just one of many.

Signs of Spring

We have tadpoles in one  pond and newts in the other, birdsong everywhere and the cherry blossom is out in the meditation garden. The sandalwood tree is uncurling its scented leaves and will take you back to your hippy days with just one sniff!

This Week’s Eco Tip…

We use lots of milk for Cappucinos etc in the coffee shop and have found that we can reduce the bulky plastic milk containers by pouring an inch or so of boiling water into the empty container, put on the lid, swill water all around including into the hollow handle, pour out the water and […]


Hi Everyone, Its been a busy week, a recommendation for visiting the gardens in The Times this weekend, Our Green Tourism Award Assessment on Wednesday and Gateshead Countryside Team here today, they want to do some wildlife surveys here during the summer, I’ll keep you updated on results. While the team were here we spotted […]

Meditation Garden

The Meditation garden under snow, a  winterwonderland the public never see…

Topiary Garden In The Snow

We’re still busy pruning shrubs and creating a new ‘damp ‘ border to house a collection of moisture loving plants. We’ve also created a new entrance to the Meditation Garden this week.