Topical Tips


Its January & Spring is just around the corner, time to get cracking, – time to snip off brown stems of herbaceous plants at ground level, avoiding damage to emerging shoots. Shrubs & perennials will benefit from a mulch of compost or bark around their roots to conserve soil moisture & discourage annual weeds. Time to finish […]

Pottering in your garden

Remove any old leaves that have turned brown overwinter, the wildlife doesn’t need the shelter any more and it makes the garden look much better without much effort. Cut your lawn when its dried out but don’t make it too short for the first few cuts. Birds are building nests in hedges now, so check […]

Inspiration Time

Most gardens look good throughout the summer months but if yours is looking a bit tired come along anytime now until mid October to get inspiration and ideas on how to  extend the colour and interest. 

Timely Tips for July

SHRUBS & FRUIT Prune Box & Topiary from now until mid August. Prune summer growth of Wisteria to within 5 buds of the main stem. Keep on deadheading flowering shrubs such as repeat flowering roses to keep them producing new buds & flowers. Summer prune overlong shoots on trained fruit trees like espaliers to 4 […]

Plums; To thin or not to thin?

This year has been a really good year for plums, too good in fact, if you  leave plums hanging like grapes they’ll get too heavy and branches will break under the weight.Then they use their energy to form stones etc on lots of small fruits. Best practice is to thin out the fruits & it […]

Rhododendrons & Camellias

Snap off the dead flowers, carefully avoiding damage to brittle new buds which will be forming behind the old flowers.

A good day to edge your lawn

We’ve had a good weather forecast for this week and next. Its a good time to edge your lawn because the clippings will dry on the soil and won’t need to be collected- as long as they’re not too long!


All Tulips should be deadheaded ( seed pods removed) Tulips in pots can be laid on their sides out of sight to dry out. Replace the compost in October for a super display next May. Tulips planted in the ground -dying leaves can be disguised with an early May by sowing NIGELLA seed around the tulip […]

Clematis pruning simplified

You need to know when your plant usually flowers if you can’t remember make a note of it this year. Spring flowering Clematis such as C. montana usually only need to be tidied up AFTER flowering. Reduce excessive growth & cut out any dead, damaged or weak stems. Clematis which flower before midsummer should be […]

Take a break from Christmas shopping

   Think of your  health and take a break  in the fresh air. BULBS  This is about the latest time to complete planting those bulbs you bought earlier this year. If the ground is too hard plant them in a pot and place them in their intended places ready for planting in the spring.   […]