Wildlife in the gardens

Pollinators in the Garden

Sit in our gardens and the buzz of life all around you is almost overwhelming, the colour & wildlife of flower rich meadows supports a greater number & diversity of pollinating species than any other habitat. A fifth of all priority species for conservation are associated with grassland and enrich our lives by giving us […]

Feed Hedgehogs

Put out canned cat food or hedgehog food for visiting hedgehogs to help them as the population is  declining.

Don’t forget to feed the birds.

Don’t forget to feed the birds. Fruit from winter storage or slightly bruised from the fruit bowl are always appreciated by blackbirds and thrushes at this time of the year. Clear out bird boxes by removing old nests and rinsing if possible.

Ladybirds spotted today

I’ve spotted 6 or 7 ladybirds in the garden today ( 09/01/17)  early by our standards – all of them in the foliage of Alchemical mollis


Hundreds of Lapwings marching, all in the same direction, over the field opposite us which has just been ploughed,I don’t remembers seeing this before. Disappointed they didn’t show up on image I took.

Feed the Birds

Instead of using chemicals to kill aphids, hose them off your plants by using a water jet and ground foraging birds like the robin can feed on them. We now seem to have a pair of Red Kites patrolling the skies above the garden most days. 

Red Kites & Butterflies

We’ve had red kites over the garden most of today and a big increase in the number of butterflies in the Bee & Butterfly garden, about 2 weeks later than last year!

Bees and Bee friendly plants

30/6/16 Bee Spotter visitor reported seeing; Red Tails, Honey Bees, Garden Bees, Tree Bees, Buff or White Tail

First Cuckoo heard May 10th

We’ve heard our first cuckoo and the swallows have arrived.