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Pottering in your garden

Remove any old leaves that have turned brown overwinter, the wildlife doesn’t need the shelter any more and it makes the garden look much better without much effort. Cut your lawn when its dried out but don’t make it too short for the first few cuts. Birds are building nests in hedges now, so check […]

Spectacular Spring Trail, I love it when a plan comes together!

The Snowdrops have been joined by crocuses, daffodils & hellebores – the garden is looking better every year!

Happiness is the first day of spring!

The Sun is shining, larks & curlews calling, I’ve seen a ladybird, our bees are alive and the snowdrops are looking better than ever after hibernating under the snow ( which has now cleared ) = Happiness & the first day of spring. See you soon!

Closed Today

We’re sorry we’ve had to  close today because the access roads have deep drifting snow across them from all directions.  Our staff valiantly struggled here earlier but we were worried about them travelling on dangerous roads so we’ve sent them home whilst the roads are still passable (just) We’ll aim for opening on Wednesday 21st […]

Snowdrop Event Cancelled

Our apologies, we’re staying closed until March 7th due to lots and lots of snow our lane is closed. The snowdrops will still be visible when it eventually clears. The Coffee Shop is also closed. Watch this space or follow us on Facebook Birkheads Secret Garden and Coffee Shop.

Look who’s at Harlow Car!

Delighted to see that we’re now featured on the RHS board at Harlow Car Gardens.

RHS Harlow Car Gardens

Lovely visit to RHS Harlow Car Gardens in Harrogate yesterday and discovered we are on their front wall sign!

RHS Partner Garden

 We are thrilled to be an RHS Partner Garden in time for our Snowdrop Days. Snowdrops and lots of other plants looking good today. We’re now on Facebook if you want updates for the coffee shop & gardens. 


This is a huge accolade for a small garden created by its owners, without any sort of funding, most partner gardens are on a much grander scale than our couple of acres, and often owned by National organisations, we’ll look forward to meeting RHS members and are happy to be supporting the RHS.    

Winter stems colour

Cornus Alba stems looking good in snow.

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