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Butterfly Count 8/8/20

1 Small Tortoiseshell , 1 Comma, 4 Painted Ladies, 4 Small Coppers, 5 Green Veined White, 13 Small Whites, 14 Large Whites, 14 Red Admirals, 23 Peacocks. Weather conditions bright & warm. Thanks to Neville & Gloria.  

Enjoying our Beautiful spaces!

It’s wonderful to find that for most of our visitors it’s been their first trip out for coffee since lockdown and they’re really enjoying our safe spaces. Regular comments this week have been; ‘ No crowds and we’re feeling normal for the first time since lockdown’ & ‘The gardens are looking spectacular’ The coffee shop […]

Look who came to dinner this weekend!

Juvenile Long Eared Owl in the Garden

Butterfly Count 24/6/20

  Report sent to Biological Records Centre  1 Red Admiral  6 Speckled Woods   6 Ringlets  5 Peacocks 17 Meadow Browns 11 Small Tortoiseshell  Spotted in less than an hour on 24/6/20

Firecrests spotted in the gardens!

A keen ornithologist visitor confirmed the appearance of a pair of Firecrests in the garden last week, we hope that they’re nesting here.  Curlews, Lapwings, Pied Wagtails, Willow Warblers, Chiff Chaffs & the sound of the Larks is making this quite a noisy place this week!

The Secret is revealed!

We’ve been watching Tawny Owls for the last few weeks with 3 chicks and didn’t dare post anything so as to protect them from unwelcome attention. It’s been absolutely fascinating & Mick has managed some great pics. They’re now fully fledged & grew so quickly it was as if they were just being inflated!

Early Strawberries

 In mid April try lifting a strawberry plant from the garden & putting it in a 3 litre pot of compost, water well & keep in greenhouse or on a windowsill, it’ll produce flowers & fruits by the end of May.

Overgrown Mahonia? Deal with it while your in lockdown!

If you have an old Mahonia that has outgrown it’s space, use the renovation pruning method. It can be pruned by removing the top third &  you’ll remember why you planted it in December when the scent of the lemon flowers waft across your garden!.  If its so huge that you’re wondering why you planted […]

We hope that you’re well, enjoying the good weather & coping with lockdown.

  A Lovely Year for Blossom. Pear on house wall, should be a good crop, if the Blue Tits don’t strip all of the buds!

Favourite flower today is the Hellebore or Lenten Rose

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