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October 15th Colour
Colchicums & Crocuses

I’ve been given the ok to put weight on the injured ankle this week, its wonderful to get out and meet everyone again. ( I’m the one on crutches if you’re a new visitor) its so frustrating but I’m hoping to be able to get my hands dirty in a few weeks time!  

September Sunshine

Saturday Sept.29th Glorious sunshine & trees starting to change colour. I’m looking forward to exceptional autumn colours this  year after the wonderful summer.

The Season of Fruits & Burnished Hues

This week started with the delicious smell  of cooking  toffee drifting over the gardens, the source of the elusive aroma is the Cercidiphyllum tree in the Cottage Garden changing from green to gold. Trees planted in the arboretum for spring blossom, summer fruits and autumn colour are heavy with fruits of all colours with leaves […]

Summer Days
It’s Day Lily time!

These wonderful plants- proper name Hemerocallis, deserve to be grown more in this area, they love our usual summers- sun & cool conditions but they’re excelling this year with the extra heat. Clump forming, some are evergreen with up to 20 edible lily type flowers on each plant for weeks.

The Peony roses are in flower this week

Our collection of Paeonia ( Peony roses) thankfully missed the gales last week and are looking wonderful. Also Cerinthe plants are ready now £2.95 for 3.

Plant of the week, this week has to be the creeping Phloxes in the Bee & Butterfly Garden

It looks like we’ve got another photographer in the family, these were taken by granddaughter Holly.

It’s Blossom Time at Birkheads

Don’t miss our spectacular show of tree blossom this week, it’s breathtaking.

Pottering in your garden

Remove any old leaves that have turned brown overwinter, the wildlife doesn’t need the shelter any more and it makes the garden look much better without much effort. Cut your lawn when its dried out but don’t make it too short for the first few cuts. Birds are building nests in hedges now, so check […]

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