Gardening Workshops & Offers     

  • RHS discount 20%  Season Ticket Holders 50% Discount as stated. Some events with very small numbers are not discounted but free access to the gardens is offered after the workshop.
  • GARDENERS WORLD 241 ENTRY to the garden doesn’t apply on Sundays or  to Workshops or Special Events
  • Places can be reserved one month prior to Workshops & Special Events by ‘phoning Christine on 07778447920 with your card details
  • BULB LASAGNE WORKSHOP – FRIDAY OCT  8th. 11am-1.30pm  Course £25 + £13.50 materials
  • DISCOUNTS RHS members 20% & Season Ticket Holders 50% will apply to Course price only.  
  • Materials supplied at cost. + £13.50
  •  Demonstration then a practical session for you to make your own  bulb lasagne to flower in spring. it includes all of  the materials to make a Bulb Lasagne today and take home with you. We’ll supply a Pot, Bulbs,  gravel, peat free compost, etc. Please bring your own gloves.  6 Places available. includes garden visit access after workshop. Places reserved by card pre payment  by ringing 07778447920 between 6 & 9pm Fri-Sun . The Coffee Shop will be open from 11am – 3pm for coffee & lunches. 
  • AUG. NATURE THERAPY, WELLBEING EVENT/ FOREST BATHING £25pp RHS £20 Season Ticket £10.  Aug. 27th  9.20am-11am Relaxation  Wind down 11am-12 with Garden visit. 
  • INTRODUCTION TO SHRINRIN -YOKU or Japanese forest bathing is a popular form of relaxation, improving wellbeing, mental health & is proven to lower blood pressure with regular practice.-No water involved. Bring an exercise or yoga mat, warm clothes & lie down quietly beneath the canopy of trees in our woodland area. For that hour, treat yourself to to thinking of nothing else except breathing, no texts, no phones, no children, no pets, no masks – just the calming influence of the sky & rustling leaves. At 11am you can explore the other gardens including the Meditation Garden & maybe call into the coffee shop for a herbal tea before leaving our sanctuary of peace & stillness at Birkheads, completely refreshed & feeling ready to cope with life beyond our gates.  £20 per person. RHS £16 (20% discount)  Season Ticket Holders £10 (50% discount applies)  Please book restricted numbers.
  • Conditions; The car park gate will be open from 9.20am & closed at 9.30am to achieve minimum noise on site. No admissions/ talking/noise between 10am & 11am when we ring a bell to end the session. There will be a limit of ‘bathers’ so please book your slot in advance by ringing Christine on 07778447920 with card details.   If it happens to be raining on Friday 21st bookings will be postponed to the following Friday. We will ask you to observe the one way system & distancing around the gardens for your own safety if we are still under COVID Regulations
  • We will be repeating this event most months in ’22
  • JUNE 19th 10.30am-12noon CHOOSING BEE FRIENDLY PLANTS   £25pp 
  • Discounted Prices RHS £20 Season Ticket £12.50
  • This tour of the garden with Christine will show you how to make your garden more bee friendly by correct plant selectio. Replacing a few plants or adding a couple of new ones will make a difference to bee food supply & help them survive. We’ll select plants from the nursery to encourage beneficial insects. The gardens were created since 1990 from an opencast mining site and is now a haven for wildlife.
  • JULY  MAKING A WILDFLOWER MEADOW FROM YOUR LAWN  Friday 30th July 10.00am – 12noon. £25pp Season Ticket Holders 50%  discount  RHS Members 20% discount 10.00am start.   Introductory talk, discussion, best methods, suitable species, ask questions After the talk/tour the coffee shop will be open for lunches etc. Garden visit is also included.  This course is now fully subscribed. (6 participants). 
  •  The Gardens & Coffee shop close at 3pm
  • AUG. MAKING A WILDFLOWER MEADOW FROM YOUR LAWN. Confirmed Friday Aug 13th  £25pp Season Ticket Holders 50%  discount  RHS Members 20% discount 10.00am- noon start.   Introductory talk, discussion, best methods, suitable species, ask questions After the talk/tour the coffee shop will be open for lunches etc. Garden visit is also included.  This course is for 6 participants max. Please book with Card for payment & RHS/ Season Ticket number if applicable before Aug 9th. Fully Subscribed. 
  • “THE BEST TREE FOR YOUR GARDEN  ARBOR DAY – FRIDAY May 14th.  10.00am-12noon £25 p.p. includes Garden Tour . 6 places Now fully booked
  • Existing Season Ticket Holders £12.50pp. RHS £20.
  • Most people only have space for one tree in their garden , the trick is knowing which one to choose for year round interest & needs. Enjoy this informal morning with Christine to help you choose the best tree for your garden space & get years of pleasure from it. We’ll tour the gardens, looking at established trees early in the season for their eventual size, shape, flowers, bark, assessing site & conditions required.You can revisit the trees in the gardens as many times as you like throughout the year to assess blossom, fruits & autumn colour with the season ticket for one which is included in the price.  
  • PLANTING A WINTER CONTAINER Planting Demonstration. Bring your own pot & you’ll be charged for materials used + £25 course fee. Restricted to  6 Places.
  • SEED COLLECTING OCT.25th  11am-3pm £40 pp. RHS20% Discount Season Ticket Holders  50% Discount. Advance booking & Payment required. Half hour break for lunch, included in the price. Soup & Roll, Coffee & Cake.  There’ll be a tour of the gardens identifying & collecting suitable seeds. Talk & Demo on Pre -sowing treatments to ensure germination. Then sow some of the seeds you’ve collected & take them home to await the magic,  ( also included in the price! ) Restricted to 6 places.
  • Nov. 7th Winter Pruning & Propagation 11am-3pm.£40 pp  RHS 20% Discount.  Season Ticket Holders 50% Discount. Advance Booking & Payment required.  There’ll be a tour of the gardens included, we’ll identify which shrubs can be pruned now. How to prune effectively & confidently. How to use the pruning to make new plants. Suitable footwear & clothing required. Please bring your own gloves, secateurs & loppers – you’ll be more confident with your own equipment. Half hour break for lunch not included in the price. Restricted to 6 places.
  • To Be Arranged Late November. Christmas Wreath Making
  • FEBRUARY SNOWDROP TOUR Join an exclusive Snowdrop tour £20pp celebrate the coming of spring at Birkheads. The tours take place with Christine (garden owner) before the gardens open to everyone giving a chance to view these heralds of spring up close and in your own time. See the gardens in winter with flowering shrubs & unusual trees. Discover some of the many different cultivars including collectors snowdrops. Snowdrops ‘in the green’ for sale will be available. 
  • HOW TO MAKE A WILDFLOWER MEADOW  APRIL 29th 10.30am – 12noon.  £25pp. Season Ticket Holders £12.50 RHS Members £20. 10.30am start.   Introductory talk, discussion, best methods, suitable species, ask questions . After the talk/tour the coffee shop will be open for lunches etc. Garden visit is also included. 6 places available. 
  •  The Gardens & Coffee shop close at 3pm National Meadows Day early July
  • Season Ticket Holders £12.50 RHS £20 
  •  For that difficult spot in your garden where “Nothing grows & everything I put in dies”  we’ll look at how to choose the right plant for your garden. We’ll have a brisk Walk & Talk Tour around the gardens to view what is in flower then select 10 – 15 flowering perennials from the gardens & nursery to discuss their attributes including how & where its best to use them, how to create good planting combinations with other plants & how to avoid common pitfalls.  6 participants max.



 Nov / Special Weekends & Events; Please check here or @birkheadscoffee  before setting out as there are no regular opening hours during winter months

‘BRING A FRIEND’ SEASON TICKET FOR two £30 free entry until the same day of purchase next year. 


NB. ADMISSION charges have remained the same for 8 years and are essential to help pay for maintenance  of the gardens, thank you for your support, we need it this year more than ever before.

SEASON TICKETS  REVISED CONDITIONS; – COVID 19 – Things may change but we’ll do what is in everyones best interest & safety

CONTACT Christine 0n 07778447920